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Will be visiting Austria end of the year and we will be purchasing the Eurail pass. Would like to know where the first class cabins are located in the train. Are they at the front or end of the trains? If we are to wait at the platform for the train to arrive, how do we tell which part of the platform we should be standing to wait for the train? We are travelling with some senior citizens and we hope we can know where the 1st class cabins are located so that we would not have to run and rush when the train arrives and realising that we are actually waiting at the wrong end of the train. By the way are we able to walk through the train carriages? 


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It depends on the connections… E.g. from Vienna to the West usually the first class is in the rear end and second class at the front of the train. Due to construction works this might be different sometimes.
There are monitors in the bigger stations (Vienna, Salzburg, Feldkirch, ...) or paper information sheets in smaller stations on the platform showing the order of the train. If you are early enough there, you can check the information screens and then stay in the right sector for your train.
On the main line there are usually two trains together between Vienna and Salzburg, where they split it up - one continues to München (or stays in Salzburg/Innsbruck) and other continues to Western Austria (Feldkirch, Bregenz)
Yes, you can walk through the carriages.

You can also check the trains here: they show exactly the configuration of each train (but due to construction works sometimes might not be 100% accurate)

Thank you very much for the helpful info!