Balkan adventure - Itinerary help needed!!!

  • 23 April 2023
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Hi all, new to this and need some help and advice, im planning the following trip and having issues with trains/buses as cant seem to find a valid/convenient route. I appreciate the rail pass may not be valid with these countries, in which case alternative transport and/or different routes would be welcomed.

Help with:

  1. all the legs marked red I am struggling to find the bus or if there is a train?
  2. Also I want to get from Kotor to Lake Ohrid what is the best route? (i have already seen Serbia so ideally can avoid if easier)?
  3. The best/cheapest nearest airport to fly back from Lake Ohrid to London



Day 5: Zagreb to Hrvatska Kostajnica ,and then walk/taxi, Banja Luka to Sarajevo - is this train running? can I book?

Day 8: I dont think there is a train and this route is by bus? is it better to break this journey up so Kotor - Dubrovnik and then Dubrovnik to Kotor or do it on one bus?

Day 11: what is the best option to get from Kotor to Lake ohrid

Day 14: what is the best/nearest busiest airport to get from Lake ohrid back to london?


Thanks in advance




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There are currently no international trains to Bosnia and Hercegovina. There will sure be buses but if you want to maximise train usage, check seat61. There are no reservations in Bosnia and Hercegovina. For timetables, see the link given on Seat61.

There's no train to Dubrovnik but there are buses. Same for the continuation to Kotor and further.