Belgrade to Athens. How to go about it?

  • 20 June 2022
  • 2 replies

I will be in Belgrade in mid July. I want to eventually make my way to Athens. I understand that the Hellas night train is not running as trains in Serbia are cancelled and there are no international border crossings in Greece. 

I am happy to end up taking a bus to another city and then the train from there, and more than happy to stop at other destinations on my way to Athens. I know once I am in Greece, I can simply take a train to Athens, but its the getting to Greece that's challenging. 

2 replies

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Look for a bus from Belgrade to Thessaloniki. From there, there are frequent and fast trains to Athens.

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But most of those buses will run onw to Ath anyway-and probably even also in less time (as with the change and find the other station etc.). IF train-insisting: also check prices on trainOSE for normal advacne ticket-might well be cheaper as passday for just this trip.