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  • 27 July 2022
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After doing some research I’ve found that the train from belgrade to Budapest  stops in novi sad and that there’s also a rail replacement bus. Does anyone know anything about this bus (note travelling in early September):

can I get it from Belgrade or is it from novi sad ?

is the bus a night bus ?

is it included in the inter rail ticket ?

would it be better to get the flexi bus from Belgrade to Budapest for 15€ since I’m on the 15 day in 2 months tickets. 

also does anyone know if the train from Belgrade to zagreb is running yet as an alternate route ?


Thanks in advance, Harry.


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Your findings are INcomplete. Best site for this and other similar:

There are also as for now NO direct trains Bg->Zgr-there is also a fairly long and hard to bridge gap over the border Serbije-HRvatska.

In fact even reaching Bgr by rails is only possible for now from black mountains (cerna gora, Monte Negro), not from all surrounding other.

Bg->Bp is now -if you really insist on on the rails- in stead of a far better direct bus:

newly renovated and opened  and NOT taking passes for now Bgr-N.Sad-thats just less as 1 hr.

Then 2 options: rail replacement bus, if it runs, not garanteed and taking just too long to reach onward connections, till Subotica.

Other report there is-hopefully-also a local tiny railcar from anOTHER stop in NS to Sub-said however to be often ´broke´.

Best way to bridge this gap is however a normal and thus payable bus direct-but then youd better just catch that bus in Bgr already.

From Sub 2/day MAV=HU combo of rail-repl bus till Szeged in the end (nice town btw-rec for a short stay, also very cheap), then hourly local MAV train to Bp (the gyors=fast section is free of RES, the IC=AC section needs to).

btw- these green buses now anywhere in EUR are FLIX and not flexi. easy to book/handle on their own app. Click on ´no ads´ unless you ant daily flows of that from them. FLIX also has settled in the Uk to compete with NatExpr

Thanks Mcdav. 

Have you ever visited Belgrade. I was planning on going from Bar (Montenegro) to Budapest with a stop in Belgrade (and bus ( 6 hrs) to Budapest from ur advice) to break up the journey and was just wondering if this is worth it. My other option was travelling through croatia which I know also involves a bus.

would u recommend travelling through croatia or serbia from Montenegro to reach Budapest.