Bohinji Railway Jesenice - Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Is the steam train worth it?

  • 7 June 2022
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Is the steam train worth it, or is this very touristic with entertainment (that’s not really what I’m looking for ;)

But if it also can be done without the entertainment, and worth it, how can I add it in my mobile pass, if I search the route (Jesenice - Nova Gorica) it seems like regular trains only.

Is it good to make a return trip in 1 day?

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Never heard about this, so I guess its most likely a special NO-pass excursion-in many countires railfans have sometimes such trips-sometimes even a bit regular. I also cannot even remember having ever read 1 review about this, which I do have from about all well-known such touristy steaming monsters. So I guess its completely out of pass and you simply have to pay the normal price like everyone.
there are a few very specific railfan forums/sites that often know even the tiniest of things about ´STEAM´. I guess you are more a normal tourist-if that is so, better to use a normal touristy forum like tripadvisor-maybe its already mentioned on there.