Camino with interrail do this work?

  • 7 March 2022
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we plan to do the Camino in Spain. 
We wanted to book the 10 days in 2 months. 
Our plan is to start at 27. and we have 6 weeks to complete our way. 
First question: Do we choose the correct ticket?

We know our start date. But we don’t know the date to travel back home. 
Second question: Is it possible with the ticket to select the trip back depending on our needs?

If we are faster then expected or we have to stop our Camino earlier, then we thought to make some visits of some cities. But we won’t know this when we activate the ticket. 
Third question: Is this possible. 

4th question: can we travel within a country?

We are 3 person and want to have each an own ticket. We have to use the TGV and must reserve seats. 
5th question: can we get seats side-by-side?

Thank you very much for the answers in advance 

Nico Hollmann

2 replies

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Ausserdem: additonal: note that you are German and the route back is rather cumbersome roundabout-due to cancelled trains (that still are mentioned in many travelguides) you have to go via Madrid-Barcelona-FRance (NOT necessarily Paris, in fact better avoid that!!) And as rian already points out (repeatedly, it seems to have to be told to half of all posters here), ESpana is always mentioned as being quite IR-unfriendly. It seems to me 10 days is quite ample for doing this trip., but this also depends on where u start the big walk. (NB: if that is somewhere in North Spain/Basque-ask again specific, then there are a few hints you may want to ask). This month IR is 10% discount-but without easy money back if no good.

There is/was also a specific site for camino-walkers about how to travel back from the end of the line, Santiago. Just google. And happy walking-or GLückauf mit wandern!

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  1. That depends on what you mean by "correct”. The validity period is OK in any case.
  2. Yes, you don't have to fix a journey in advance. You will be limited though by mandatory seat reservations in Spain and France. If you want to the TGV/AVE trains from Barcelona to France, please book at least a week in advance because otherwise the available pass holder seats are usually gone. You can do that at a Spanish ticket office. You'll also need reservations for most other Spanish trains but it's usually fine to book those 1 or 2 days in advance.
  3. Yes, you can activate the mobile pass when you want and only then you'll have to choose the first travel day and the 2 months will start to count.
  4. Yes, that is possible. You can use the trains of the participating companies, whether for international or domestic journeys.
  5. If you book at the same time, the reservation system will place you together when possible. For booking via the Interrail reservation service, check this page. For booking optional reservations in Germany though, the Deutsche Bahn website is better and cheaper (4 EUR per journey whereas Interrail wants 8 EUR per train).

In addition, do take into account that the Spanish timetable is only complete on the RENFE website. The rail planner app (or any other planner) is very incomplete for Spain.