Charing cross to Interlaken ost - any route advice?

  • 1 August 2022
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Any advice route from Charing Cross London to Interlaken OST Switzerland on 10/08/2022, we’re 2 females 🙏🏼

2 replies

Thanks for your message.

Is there any hotel near the PARIS NORD (France) station? Because the train will be arrived at 23:17, but we have to change the train from 

PARIS GARE DE LYON (France) will be departed at 

06:12… is the area safe for females?

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The advice would be the very same for males or D or Q: go to, specially designed for unexperienced Brits going abroad on that big adventure by train and/or ship.

DO be aware that this is very short notice and that so favoured €* may already be fully booked or be extremely expensive.