Crossing Schengen Borders as a Brit

  • 25 May 2022
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I am planning on taking a train from Venice, Italy, to Rijeka, Croatia, using a train that travels through Slovenia. Where/ how is the best place to get my passport stamped to say that I have left the Schengen area once I get to Croatia? And how do I get my passport stamped when I get to Croatia? I am not planning on going via an airports. 

2 replies

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At the border the police will come to you on the train. You can’t get over the border without getting stopped by police. 

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And there is progress-even for isolationist Brits: stamps are a thing of a century ago. Its now all electronic registrations. Once IN the combined Schengen zone, there are no standard checks anymore-just a few random, mostly due to covid or the streams of refugees from UKR.

Even this isolationist funny island in the North Sea did not want to personally see my passpt a week or 2 ago-only electronic on entry and nothing at all on exit.