Do people solo-interrail in winter?

  • 1 October 2022
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Hey there,


I really want to go interrailing solo this winter, but I'm pretty worried that not many people will go interrailing during this time. My plan is to start from Helsinki the first of December and travel from there back to Germany. 

Does someone of you have experience of interrailing in winter in Scandinavia, are there people to met in hostels?


I'm really looking forward for your answers :)


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3 replies

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Hi @LasseBec 

How exciting to be travelling through the Scandinavian countries! I am pretty sure you can do it alone. If you need any trip ideas or inspiration, I would advise to check out this information:

I wish you a wonderful solo trip in the north!

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I suggest you search solo interrailing in scandinavia winter in google - or something similar. Plenty of Youtube and standard results - including your question.

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Why not? I plan to travel solo in Scandinavia this winter. It doesn't matter if there will be other travelers. It is better if they are less so that there is more space in the trains. I would not travel in the summer in Scandinavia. I don't think it's interesting because the weather is gloomy and cold. The real charm of Scandinavia, I think, is the winter. There are plenty of things to do in the winter there. I've never been before, but I know it will be very exciting. To see the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. To visit the ice hotel in Jukasjarvi near Kiruna. Driving a snowmobile or riding a dog sled. And last but not least, to see the magical northern lights. And when you get tired of the cold, go to the milder climate at the fjords of Narvik and Tromsø.