How accurate is the Eurail 2022 map?

  • 15 July 2022
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I’m currently looking into my Eurail trip to some less travelled to destinations. But I’m concerned some of the routes are NOT valid with a Eurail pass. For example, the map PDF lists Meydanekbez, Syria as a destination (via southern Turkey).

This, among other places, is somewhere I’m interested in exploring but I’m questioning it’s accuracy, I’ve been told that the map lists a lot of places that you cannot reach. The last thing I’d want is to plan a trip and once I’m there find out my anticipated trip is not feasible!


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Map is bad indeed. Almost all trains in Turkey run NORMAL. Only the cross-border trains to Syria, Iraq and Iran  don’t run and 1-2 local trains. But that’s since years like that. I don’t know if Turkey has done something to him or why he writes again and again the same untrue stuff about it…. Could you please STOP writing wrong information? Thank you.