Is it easy to travel from the UK to Croatia with a Eurail pass?

  • 25 April 2022
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We’re very keen to use rail, not air, to get to Croatia from the UK this August after two years of pause … but have no idea whether a Eurail pass is the best way to do that.  Is it?


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Badge +5 has all info specific from UK to reach any country overland.

IF a pass will be best depends on your own wishes and if you can stand the various problems that REServations may then cause. By now anyone is expecting a post-covid travelboom summer coming-even though its for now still MASK wearing mandatory after you passed the channel.

Most straightforward routing is €* from LON to Paris (Brussel also possible), OVernight NightJet to somewhere in Austria or MÜnchen-then next day daytime train to Hrvatska

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Please note that if you are a resident of UK you should buy an Interrail pass and not a Eurail pass.

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You can use the German Railways planner to plan.

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You can take train from UK to Brussels/ Paris or Amsterdam and then make your way into Germany- Austria- Slovenia and Croatia as more straight forward route. Travelling via Switzerland and Italy and then take train or ferry to Croatia is also an option. It’s all depends where you want to stop on route