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  • 12 April 2024
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The landslide at Maurienne last August which blocked the line between Paris and Milan has forced me to be more creative in my travel plans to Italy.  I am now very much looking forward to my journey through Switzerland this September.  However it would be quite nice if it was to possible take a direct train from Lyon to Milan when I return to Italy at Christmas.  (I am aware of the bus replacement service circumventing the landslide, but that does not appeal!)

I keep searching the internet for any information giving a progress report on the work being done to clear the landslide but have not found anything later than statements made around January 2024.   Has anyone found any more current information about how the work is going, or seen any up to date predictions about when the line might reopen at Maurienne?



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2 replies

Thank you so much for the article.  It is far more informative than anything else that I found on the internet.



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Maybe open by Christmas, maybe not. It's still months away!

There are articles from January but you possibly saw them :