Summer trip around Europe. Any advice?

  • 14 April 2022
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I am new and never used Eurail before. I have two children who are 11 and 7. I am really wanting to do a two week summer trip around Europe with them using Eurail. Was just wanting to see if anyone else has travelled on here or any advice you can give me.

2 replies

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This site has all the info for ignorant (about train travels ´on the continent´) people:

Lists all easily accessible routes, gives all info on tickets (NOT speciific for passes!) for all countries in EUR. Start there-then think wbout what you would like and if any specific Questions remain-come back

OR just browse this forum to get a feel for what probs tipical train-newbees usually encounter-they gat asked daily.

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What are you interested in? If you give some more information it will be easier to get some answers.


Please note that if you are a resident of the UK you need an Interrail pass and not a Eurail pass.