Travelling from Spain to Austria - affordable route

  • 20 July 2022
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Hello again!

A friend of mine wants to travel from Spain back to Austria(Linz). They are currently in Granada and their last day is the 2nd of August.

They don’t want to travel to France because it’s “ too expensive” for them. But the seat reservations from Spain back to Austria would also cost 60-80€ and would take them about 24 hours.

Does anybody know a good( and affordable) route back to Austria with different stops maybe?:)

1 reply

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it is impossible to do this overland and bypass France. Can do-but this will cost much, much more on a ferry boat/Grimaldi direct to Italy-will cost in summer hi-season.

One can pass France in trains and get stocked up on food/cheaper drinks in ES and reach Italy -or Swiss (even much more costly) without much other expense.

The major bottleneck is likely even the direct RENFE AVE to Bcn-sold out weeks advance for passes in most cases.