Ukraine question

  • 3 October 2021
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This November, I am travelling with a global Interrail pass from the UK down to Austria then Romania, then up into Ukraine. The latter will need to be paid for separately as Ukraine is not in the Interrail scheme. My last but one journey will be returning from Kyiv to Berlin. The Interrail/Eurail trip planner says that that this route is included in my Interrail pass, but that doesn’t seem right to me? I need some clarity, as well as an indication of what supplement might be required to get from Kyiv to the EU border (Zahony in Hungary?). Can anyone help? 

1 reply

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hi there is a special offer of Austrian Rail for Railpassholders from Kiev/Lviv via Zahony/Budapest to Vienna :) you can book the tickets online but you have to collect the tickets at a Austrian Ticketmachine or Office.

@Superalbs  was just in Ukraine and returned back. maybe he can share some impressions or you check his Twitter account.