where to go March 2024

Hello 🤗

So I won a 15days global Ticket and now I am not sure where to go. Do y'all have some tips? 

Sweden, Norway and Denmark or Italy, Netherlands and France? I really do not know. 

Ireland and England would aswell be interesting. 

My journey would start and end in Cologne Germany.

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You can go wherever you want. Your question is difficult to answer. It depends on what you want to see and experience. But maybe you can just travel randomly. After all, it's not high season. 

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I have heard many people say that Europe’s new gem is Slovenia.


Like has been said, it very much depends on what you want to see. How much you can spend would be important. It’ll be cheaper east of Germany (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary etc).


I would very much suggest going on YouTube and watching some travelling videos. Searching for Interrailing will return some experiences of where people went and might give you some ideas, for example I found out about Berchtesgarden from YT interrail vids.

On the interrail website you’ll find some route ideas too.

It’s taken me 6 months to really nail down where i want to go in a 2 month trip. You have till March so you’ll be fine.


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Hi @Tessa Langfermann,

I hope my answer is not too late! 

I can see that you mentioned all interesting countries to visit :) If you have plenty of time, Scandinavia would be a great choice. Your decision can also depend on whether you prefer spending more time in nature or exploring the city. For some inspiration, feel free to check out our online magazine here.

Have a nice day!