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I have a 30-day Global Eurail Pass and I am wanting to travel from the Copenhagen airport Train-station and I am wanting to go to Malmo, Sweden on 31st of May around 1400hrs (2pm).

Question... 1) who (what site) would I need to book this trip with? 2) And for the return trip to the Center of the city of Copenhagen, who (what site) would I book this with?



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For this journey there are plenty of regional trains. Seat reservations not possible like in most of Europe.

You add the train you'd like to take to the Rail Planner before boarding, you get a QR-code which is your ticket and that's it. Nothing to book.

It is the same for 90% of European trains : seat reservations optional or not possible. There are exceptions of course such as high-speed trains in France, Italy, Spain, Eurostar, Thalys.

If you plan on taking the IC to Hamburg : there is limited capacity so this train is always crowded. From 17th June there will be new longer trains but until then it's kinda bad. You can make seat reservations but the numbering system onboard the train might not match (due to other carriages being used). Show early and try to keep your seat.

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No need to reserve seats for this short trip. There are trains every +/- 15 min during the day between CPH and Malmö (and the other way around). Just hop on the first one you can take and don’t forget register it in the app.

More convenient than that to cross a border by train, you probably can’t get :)