All pass holder seats are sold out. Can I travel?

Hello, I have a question.

I ordered my pass a week ago, but did not reserve any seats because they said it was not needed. Turns out all the seats have been booked now by other people. Is this a problem?

Would love to get an answer!



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Hi, what train are you taking?

Zuerich - Schwarzach-St.veit

Schwarzach - Ljubljana

 So from Zurich to Ljubljana.

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If you take a day train, than it is optional to have a reservation. 

Check for this route, if they say the train will be full than reserve a seat. 

You can reserve a seat via with the seat only option for 3€/train. 

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I have seen that both ÖBB and DB make a note on some trains that only people with reservations will be allowed on the trains.

This seems to be on popular routes on popular departures. This means that the optional reservation on those trains not really is optional. 

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@AnnaB Yes, when seats are fully booked with reservation, than they write this. But it depands from day to day, route and train.