Bologna - Munich ECB train, need to pay extra fee on the train

  • 28 July 2022
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Dear travelers. We have a Global pas and seat reservations and are traveling from Bologna in Italy to Munich in GERMANY on an ECB train. The conductor wants us to pay an extra fee of 10 Euro to travel from one country to another since the train is not regional. But in the Railplanner App, where we have the Global pas, it says that these fee conditions only apply for One Country Passes. We dont know what to do. Any advice? 


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3 replies

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These will certainly not be cancelled as these trains can only run (at least in the views of the operators) if all those freewheeling pax also pay a little. They are run by OeBB and DB as IT railways did not want (or got orders to) stop all INTernat. treni.

It is always very easy to tell others to charge less if you are not the one who has to bear the expense.

As it is a unique prob- RES as such not needed but surcharge is-the site struggles with how to present this. PLUS that the surcharge only applies to/fro ITaly, not for AT-DE.

Thank you for your swift response. We endes up refusing to pay since there was no documentation of the required fee neither in the Railplanner App nor when booking the seat from Bologna to München. The staff did not follow up. These extra fees

should either be abolished or properly communicated. 

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It is right, on Eurocity Munich-Innsbruck-Italy you have to pay a fee of 10€ in second class to use the train on the italian part with an Interrail Global Pass or Interrail One Country Italy. Only with an Interrail German Rail Pass it is for free. 

The app notes a compulsory reservation for this train, which is wrong. Reservation is only optional, but highly recommended on weekends or vacation time like summer.