Booking trains in Norway but app doesn't who them

  • 11 July 2022
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Hello all!

I am going to Norway with a global pass this summer. I am trying to book trains from Kristiansand to Stavanger and from Bergen to Oslo, but the interrail app doesn’t show these trains. 


Interrail website suggests to book through the app ENTUR (which actually shows the direct trains that I want), but if I use the app Entur, I have to pay the full price to book the train and the seat, since they don’t have the interrail pass information.


How I am supposed to book the train and the seat if the interrail plan app doesn’t show the trains ? 


Thank you for your help!




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you can call Entur or try and risk to make the reservation only while being in Norway. Kristiansand-Stavanger is not so busy like Kristiansand-Oslo, so there it might work. Oslo-Bergen is a busy route and might be a problem to get a reservation on a short note.

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Call Entur. They will help you will all reservations in Norway.

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There were also reports that the first part out of Bergen-till Voss is under repair this summer and has bus-replacing, toget avgar fra Voss.