Can I book directly with SNCF using my Eurail pass?

  • 20 April 2022
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I am unable to make a reservation using the reservation features on Eurail.  All trains are booked.  However, when I go to the SNCF site, there are available trains.  Can I book directly with SNCF using my Eurail pass?  If so, how?  Customer service is all in French and was not helpful.


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2 replies

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Online via SNCF you can’t reserve trains

rvdborgt answer to this in a similar question 

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IF you are in that FRance right now, you can do it on any SNCF ticket machine, though you may struggle first time with how to do, it is not easy found. NOte that these superfast TGV have a small quota of seats for passholders-then its 10€, IF this is sold out (or I suspect sometimes on busy times not opened) its 20€-till all seats are sold. 

It seems its possible on the b-rail site to check what trains have seats left. The app from EUrl is unable to sell you the 20€ seats. This is for DOMestic In FR-for over the border its more complicated (not on the machines) and also much more expensive

Also note that quite often there are ALternatives on the ´old/classic´ lines or on regional trains, slower, maybe roundabout, it depends on where you want to go how it works