Can't book seat reservation: Nice Ville to Aix En Provence TGV

  • 27 March 2022
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I am trying to book 4 seats in the TGV starting at 06:52 AM on May 29 from Nice Ville to Aix En Provence TGV, and I can find that I need to book seats because there is a sign of "R" in yellow circle but I can't get any response although I click "1st class deat EUR 10."  Dest it mean that seats in the train have been fully booked?


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It is unlikely that a train early Sunday morning is fully booked so long in advance.

But probably because it is the last day of a long weekend, the 10€ reservations are already sold out and there are now 20€ reservations left (until the train is fully booked). Unfortunately, the Eurail website still has a problem with these 20€ reservations, and shows them as not available. You can still book them here though. To be able to book there, you need to request a pass cover number via customer service.

Before spending 80€ on seat reservations, there are also reservation-free alternatives, with a change in Marseille, such as this one:

(There's also a connection exactly 2 hours earlier.)

They take a bit longer but if you're visiting Aix-en-Provence, you arrive directly in the city, whereas the TGV station is located 15 km outside the city and you'll need to use a bus or taxi to get into the city.