Can't book TGV from Paris to Nice

  • 19 June 2022
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i tried to book reservations from Cologne to Paris with Thalys and from Paris to Nice with the TGV 6165. It is not possible to book any seats in both of the trains via the Interrail-App.

If i try to book it via then I have to fill in a Pass Cover Number, which I don’t have, because I have a mobile pass.

I checked the entries here and found out, that Interrail can offer this Pass Cover Number.

We need help! If we don’t book this trains we have to cancel all of our plans :(




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You can call  b-europe and make the reservation. No need of Pass Cover Number.

The phone call is rather expensive.

 The best way to make reservations for French trains is to call SNCF. No need of Pass Cover Number.


 Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail


To get your Pass Cover Number, if you still will need it, you need to contact Customer Support through this form and ask for the Pass Cover Number.

Customer Support is currently overloaded with requests so you will probably have to be patient to get help. Please let Customer Support know what date your travel will start so that they can prioritise your request correctly.

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Dies ist ein ziemlich teuerere und auch nicht ganz schlaue Route.

Besser über DE bis nach Strasbourg und dann INlands TGV nach Marseile-und weiter mit Regio-TER.

Es gibt nur wenige direkt TGV P->N:aber jede St bis Marseille, dann mal unsteigen-haste viel mehr chancen, oder übernacht P->N. Ab K haste dann genügend Zit P mit anderw Zúge zu erreichen

Thank you for your answers.

I am not able speak french so it is not easy to speak to SNCF directly.

So, if anyone from Interrail is reading this: We really need the Pass Cover Number.



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I am not able speak french so it is not easy to speak to SNCF directly.

SNCF also speak English. See AnnaB's message above.