Can't make seat reservation Warsaw - Berlin via Interail, and

  • 12 July 2022
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Hi guys! I’m having issues trying to make a seat reservation for a night train from Warsaw to Berlin on Aug. 20, 4.15 am. It basically says everywhere (;; interrail website) that I cannot make a reservation, and I don’t really think all seats are gone because it tells me the same for all other trains. I tried the PKP website, but I see no option for “no ticket, seats only”. The only website that allows me to make a seat reservation is Polrail, but the price is more than twice the price it should costs. Can anybody more experienced than me help me with this? 


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The 4:15 departure from Warszawa Centralna doesn't come from Vienna, it starts in Warsaw.

Reservations are best done at a ticket office, in many countries, e.g. Germany, Poland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia and more.

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Hi @Chiara Pontin 

This train comes from Vienna, so I would advise to call ÖBB to ask if its possible to book a seat or couchette.

1. Call ÖBB on +43 5 1717

2. You'll hear a menu in German.

3. Choose extension "1" for bookings and train information.

4. Austria's ÖBB booking center has English speaking staff.

5. The bookin center can deliver your reservations to any country you prefer, without charging you a booking fee. The delivery cost is €5.

6. You can also pick up your reservations at large Austrian train stations. Just take your order number to a ticket office in the station. 

If you are having trouble to book this night train, you can always book directly on the local train station. 

Have a lovely day!