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  • 5 November 2022
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Hi everyone! I live in Lyon. If I want to get the eurostar from Paris, is my journey to Paris included as my 'outbound journey', or would my outbound journey be my eurostar? Basically, are both my journey to Paris and my eurostar allowed on the ticket? (it would be the same coming back arriving in Paris on the eurostar and then going back to Lyon). Thanks so much in advance, I’m so confused!!


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A travel day is between 00.00 and 23.59 CET.

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a Outbound (leave the country) is one day where you can take so many trains that you need to leave the country. 

Inbound is the same to get back home. 

Keep also in mind, that this days are not extra to the traveldays. To travel you use a Travelday, and if you are traveling in your home country you additionally use also an O/I (Outbound or Inbound) day. 

P.S. TGV and Eurostar need a reservation to board this trains. Eurostar trains can be sold out soon.