Double reservation on Eurostar

  • 5 April 2022
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I tried to make a reservation for a journey on Eurostar.  They tell you that you get a confirmation email within 30 minutes.  This happened when I made my outbound reservation.  This time it did not.  Which is why, after one hour +, I thought it  had not worked for some reason, and I tried again.

By pure chance, I found a page called “reservations overview” (or something similar) and found that I had made two reservations for the same train in my name.  I also found that I could not get a refund !  And after several hours, I still have not got a confirmation email with a ticket which I can print out (and which I need !), and I cannot even find the reservations page again in the mobile pass …  I am close to tears because the b… thing is so impossible to navigate.  I have wasted hours trying to get back to pages, when I have found that  I am being sent around in circles to multiple pages offering me answers to questions I did not ask but not touching upon the problems I am trying to solve.  I thought that the Interrail ticket was a good thing (I used it in the 1970s), but what I find are the worst items in my vocabulary - which I dare not put into writing ...


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Thank you indeed !  I still find it most confusing that you have to change around between the app and the website, and why you cannot have the reservations in the app I utterly fail to understand.  What makes it more confusing is that you can go to reservations from the app, but don’t return once you have made a reservation.  There is certainly room for improvement here !

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Yes, I noticed that when I happened to find myself on that page - but I cannot find my way back there now (the Reservations Overview) - how do I get there ?

At the top right on, there should be an icon:

If you click on it, then you have a menu with some options, among them the reservations overview. It could be that you need to log in first.

Yes, I noticed that when I happened to find myself on that page - but I cannot find my way back there now (the Reservations Overview) - how do I get there ?

Lost, but hopeful,


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You should be able to download the reservation from the Reservations Overview. Doesn't that work?

Thank you, rvdborgt, for your timely reply !  I have contacted Customer Service already (I think), but the problem that remains (and which led to the double booking in the first place) is that I did not receive a confirmation by email and I cannot find anywhere else with a reservation to print out, but I need a print-out because (as you point out) the app does not replace the reservation, which requires paper ...

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Reservations do not show up in the app. They're separate from it. The app is a replacement of the paper pass (which you can still buy, also from the Deutsche Bahn ticket office), but not of the reservations.

As to the double reservation: please contact customer service and explain why you'd like a refund for one of your reservations.