• 25 November 2022
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No matter what time, date I look at to book London to Paris on Eurostar there is no availability.  I am trying to book December 29th London To Paris with the Eurail pass and I get no tickets available. even when I use the site and look at different times and days even there are no tickets.  Seems odd to me that it is so difficult to book seats for this route.  

I know Eurail only has so many seat reservations for Eurostar but literally there are ZERO tickets.



3 replies

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First of all, that link is no good for passholder fares, you need to use this exact portal from b-europe

Pass cover number is needed to book from there


On the general availability, it is a busy route at a very busy period with only airlines as competition, running lower capacity than pre-covid and no way of increasing capacity to cope with heavy demand.


We are getting a flurry of people with this issue here, unfortunately it is getting very late to book this route.

Passholder availability:

To Paris there is 1st class on 1 train on 28th and 2 trains on 31st

To Lille there are 2 trains with 2nd class and 2 with 1st class on the 31st

To Brussels There is a 1st class space on the 06.16 on the 29th and same on the 30th, a 2nd class and a few 1st class on 31.

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First availability London-Paris is on 31 December and in 1st class only.

On London-Lille, the first availability is also on 31 December, also for 2nd class.

Book NOW if you want any of these seats.

Thank you!