How can you pick a specific seat on an EUrail reservation?

  • 25 April 2022
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I am trying to go from Amsterdam to Berlin and do it overnight w a friend, we are going to travel to Frankfurt first. 

When booking a seat reservation can you not pick your seat on EUrail website? 

If not, how do you go about picking your seat together on trains that require a reservation?

I have the mobile global flexi pass if that helps. 


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2 replies

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You can reserve easily via (even cheaper as Eurail´s reservation service)  if provided you can select your seats from a SeatMap

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There is NO overnight train between the 2. There are-often quite cheap-overnight buses (FLIx or BlaBla). What the planner suggest is a seat-only ICE (not every day) from Köln to B, you can change into this at Duisburg (very bad station, the worst of all big german) or Düsseldorf-but then you need 2 traveldays-as it dep >0.00, so not worth it.