I cannot find train in Rail planner App

  • 19 July 2021
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Hello Community, 


recently i have picked my journey from Venice (ITA) to Nice (FRA). I have checked it via  eurail webpage, and i have also booked requested reservation for trains in Italia (Frecciarossa 9728 (from Venice to Milano Centrale) and also for FrecciaBianca 909 from Milano Centrale to Ventimiglia).

When i tried to add these journeys to my trip, i am not able to find second train in Italia (FrecciaBianca 909) So currently i have Ticket in railplanner app + reservation from Venice to Milan, Then i have Reservation from Milan to Ventimiglia, and then i have ticket in railplanner app  from Ventimiglia to Nice (reservation here is not required).

Please can you help me how can i add a ticket to railplanner app for part of my journey from Milan to Ventimiglia? Or what should i do to have proper documents ready?

It would be good if somebody can help me before Wednesday  21.7.

Thanks in advance.



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3 replies

I’m trying to learn to use the Eurail Rail Planner App better, as I’m having challenges finding any routes with the App. I’ve spent hours using google, browsing the internet, reading these community forums, and it’s frustrating. It seems that every time I follow a link to get info, I get taken somewhere totally unrelated. I received a welcome email from the Community here, that offered a link for helpful ‘how to’ info for the platform (Eurail rail planner platform??), and that brought me here. 

Here is from the welcome email to me 

“For other tips and tricks to get yourself familiar with the platform, have a look at our ''how-to guides'' here.”


Please tell me how I can find these “how-to guides”. Thank you in advance. 
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Awesome, thank you very much…. i was not able to notice it, that in APP is this option…. it is so small..

Just for others, if you tried to find your train in planner, and it is not there on the bottom of this screen is small 2 sentence text with blue hyperlink  “add it manually” and then it is a simple form.
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You can select on the App add a journey that is not listed and fill then the travel details on your own for the train from Milan to Ventimigllia :)