Interrail Receipt says 2nd Class but the printable ticket says 1° business?

  • 16 May 2022
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My interrail global pass is for 2nd class seats and we reserved our seat on multiple Trenitalia trains for 2nd class and our interrail email receipt says 2nd class under all the reservations but when we checked the tickets for the trains that we need to print out it says the service is 1° Business.

When I looked on google it looks like business class is first class but our pass can only be used for 2nd class.

What do we do can we still use the tickets??? 


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Funny, I get impression there must be a bug in the system now-as there were recent Qs (just scroll down) exactly the same.

Yes, you can use but ONLY IF you pay also the upgrade between 2nd to 1st cl.

You should be able to alter it @ stazione-they seem to have special desks for last-min changes. Angelo, frequent answerer, is ITalian and has recently explained. And if more IT REServ are neede; do it via the sneeky bypass on has also been explained here a few 100 times now-and also save the 2€ extra fee.

(note: OeBB tells to print it out-thats not needed-just keep it on your fone ready to show)

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This has happened multiple times, I've seen questions about it months ago. This is another reason not to use the Interrail website for reservations in Italy. The ÖBB website is cheaper and I haven't seen any problems like this with it.

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Hello, this sometimes happens due to a miscommunication between our server and the Italian carrier's reservation software. Our customer service team can re-book your ticket to the correct class for most domestic Italian trains, you can simply contact us via email with your reservation number. If you are traveling soon, your best bet would be to request this change locally at the station's ticketing office before departure. This change should be free of charge :) 

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@Claudi. Any idea when these problems will be solved? It's quite a nuisance and reservations for night trains can also go wrong, as we could see when someone booked a sleeper and received seat reservations instead. I such a case, no reason for any smiley because sleepers have the tendency to be fully booked quite soon.