Interrail removed train Hamburg - Frederica?

  • 14 July 2022
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So I have planned a long trip home to Sweden. I will travel night jet from Zuerich to Hamburg, arrival 07:54 the 19th. And then I had saved a train that didn’t need reservations from Hamburg to Fredericia that departed 08:56 and arrived 12:14 in Fredericia. From there I would take a train to the Copenhagen airport and from there to Stockholm. The problem is that interrail has removed the train from Hamburg to Fredericia on the 19th? This really messes up my journey because with other trains I will not make it to my train to Stockholm. The thing is also that the train still exists, for example the Deutsche Bahn website still has it. Why would I not be able to travel on my interrail on that train? Or do you think I can take the train and then just show my pass without an actual qr-code, since I will not be able to add the journey to my trip. Please help me, I’m traveling soon!!!


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Tack Anna, jag är med i den så kollar där också, tack

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Om du inte redan är med i FB gruppen tågsemester så rekommenderar jag att du går med. Där finns en man som gjort ett dokument på hur man kan ta sig från Hamburg till Köpenhamn om man inte lyckas boka en sittplats.


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But there is mandatory reservation between Flensburg and Padborg.



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There are problems with the trains between Germany and Denmark in the app. If the trains shows on DB and DSB it is there no matter what the app says.