Italy Seat Reservation Self-Service Ticket Machine

  • 30 August 2022
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Hello! I'm in Italy currently and I'm having trouble using the Trenitalia self-service ticket machines to make reservations for Eurail. Does anyone have experience doing it successfully?

According to the Eurail website "At a self-service machine at main Italian train stations. Select your train and click on "Global Pass". This seems really out of date and doesn't make sense. I can't see any Global Pass option at all.

I'll head to ticket office to make reservation a little bit later (I was too short on time to queue earlier), just checking if I'm missing something.


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3 replies

Thanks clarifying! I'm mainly doing it in person since I'm in Italy already and I want to try choose my seats, otherwise would use OEBB for sure

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Due to misuse in Italy this option was removed.
You should go to a ticket office and get there the reservation. At the self service machines you can NOT do it anymore.
Other option is to book the reservation only on oebb (or ÖBB app). Choose discount Interrail / EUrail.

Edit: if you go to the ticket office, keep your Eurail ready - they will not sell a reservation without showing a valid Eurail ticket.

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