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  • 13 April 2022
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I am trying to book 3 seats from Milan to Paris on 11 May 6am, first class seats with my eurail pass. However, the price is so expensive at 141€ on the eurail website, so i decided to compare with SNCF. But I am unable to book with SNCF as I am not sure how to add my eurail pass, how do i go about this? 


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3 replies

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It looks like you have first class passes. The pass reservations for this TGV in 1st class are 45€ (+2€ booking fee) per seat. It's one of the most expensive pass reservations.

SNCF have removed the possibility from their website to book pass reservations, but the price would also have been 45€.

You could check the normal fare on SNCF, or on for the 6:25 departure and save a travel day.

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As @rvdborgt said sncf stopped to sell these 8nline and its one of the most expensive reservations on daytrains in Europe.

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There is since a few monthes also a competiton from TrenItalia-and this does not accept any pass, BUT it has for now often (depends on day) quite cheap promotional fares. Check it-it may even be cheaper (or try out 2nd-you wont die in there) and save that precious day for another enticing day out!

You can cut the cost also by using other trains-f.e. via Swiss, see those lovely lakes, and this will take longer and wants you to change more.