New night train from Stockholm to Hamburg Altona from 1st of September

  • 1 June 2022
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Here is some information about the new night train that SJ will start running from Stockholm to Hamburg Altona on the 1st of September.


The information webpage is unfortunately only available in Swedish, but there’s always Google translate to assist.

The train has seats, couchettes and sleepers. The price for a seat is from 155 SEK, a place in a 6-bed couchette is from 363 SEK and a place in a 4-bed couchette is from 467 SEK. A place in a 2-bed second class sleeper with a breakfast box is from 779 SEK. The price seems to be the same for a non-refundable and a refundable reservation. Here you can make the reservation. Select “Interrial or Eurail” as railpass. As Pass Cover Number an I or E followed by any 8 digit combination will do.


Right now there is a bug in the system that only gives the Interrail price on the first reservation if you make a return reservation in the same booking. I spotted that today and have reported that to SJ who will look into it.

2 replies

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Takk so mycket. Incidentally I tried it (unknowing if it was on or not) and it showed seat-only advance prices from 333:- SEK for ST-HH (+Hansestadt Hamburg). From STO around 17.30-via Malmö-K/obenhavn (reverse-then timings of night DSB in summer)- nonstop from Odense-HH, arr around 7.30.

I used the ´prio/interrail´ option but then it kind of crashed- I thought maybe as I always dis-allow cookies.

Have decided to visit Stockholm once more and also go to the ABBA experience.

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@mcadv  You can reserve via aswell (The bookings are open since few weeks )