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  • 28 March 2022
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Hi to everyone! I'm planning to do a trip in June and I would like to ask you if there's any night train available for each of those routes:

-Amsterdam to Berlin

-Berlin to Prague

-Prague to Budapest

-Budapest to Ljubljana

-Ljubljana to Florence

Many thanks in advance! 


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2 replies

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(Brussesls) - Amsterdam - Berlin - (Dresden - Prague) is sheduled to start in summer but Interrail / Eurail wont be valid

Berlin - Prague no nighttrain :/ as the regular traveltime is just 4hrs :)

Prague - Budapest a Nighttrain operated by Czech Rail :)

Budapest - Ljubljana maybe depends if the seasonal sleeper Budapest Rijeka/Koper will operate this summer

Ljubljana - Florence quite difficult
There is a Nighttrain from Trieste via Florence to Rome but with bad times for Florence :/

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You CAN-if you are determined to use it-use an overnight german ICE with seats only from Düsseldorf/Duisburg to B, but it leaves >0.00, so will cost 1 day extra and does not run every day. The ICE from AMS to Köln-Frankfurt stop in these cities before reaching Köln.

IF you are that money-conscious you may want to check the normal fares on FLIXbus-or maybe BlabLa-or even RegioJet to/fro Praha, its bus, but they usually offer fares that are as such lower as just the supplmt you have to pay on a pass.