No hay billetes ya para salir desde Barcelona Junio Julio 2024?

  • 17 January 2024
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Buenos días, todavía familiarizándome con como funciona, y tratando de organizar un recorrido saliendo de barcelona, no encuentro ni un solo tren con disponibilidad, todos aparece Pass Not valid. Es posible realmente que ya no queden plazas para para utilizar el pase de interrail desde aquí para estos meses?

Por otra parte hay opción de subir en trenes regionales sin reserva de asiento entonces?

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4 replies

Thanks again!!

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Here is a helpful link :

You need to log each train you’d like to take on Rail Planner app. This can be done at any time prior to boarding. This will give you a QR-code to show to staff.

Sometimes you need to add seat reservations on top of the pass, mainly on fast/high-speed trains. Some routes are popular and need to be booked well in advance.

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Exato la idea es Barcelona - Paris.

Entiendo que si queremos viajar en regionales, de los que no necesitan reserva solamente hay que llegar al tren y enseñar el codigo QR verdad?

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You are likely too early. RENFE (and other companies) have not published June timetables yet and/or released tickets.

Where would you like to go ? You can check the current timetables, they shouldn’t change much.

Out of Barcelona towards France you have a few options :

  • AVE to Lyon or Marseille : 10€ reservation, only at ticket counters
  • TGV towards Paris : 25€ or 35€ for Paris
  • reservation-free regional trains via Portbou/Cerbère or Latour-de-Carol

You can also connect to a convenient night train towards Paris. Questions welcome.