No reservation ticket received for a trip on Monday. What to do?

  • 22 July 2022
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I made a reservation for a trip from Paris to Turin for next Monday 25/07, my money was taken but I did not receive any ticket or confirmation email. It’s been a month that I try to reach the assistance but I had only one response, asking me to give my reservation number, I answered that I did not have any, as I had mentioned but now I don’t have any news.

So I wanted to book the trip again, but now it is unavailable on the website.

Do you know by any chance if there is a way I can get that train on next Monday ? Or get the assistance to help me ?

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Hello! I'm sorry that you had trouble with your e-tickets. Sometimes tickets are incorrectly processed, which means that even though payment was successful, the ticket was not issued. In this case, you can reach out  to our customer service who will either re-book it for you or refund the tickets if re-booking is not possible. It seems that this issue was thankfully resolved, but please do let us know if that's not the case :)