Norway 1st class resevation 500 NOK?!?! ( about 43 euro)

  • 25 November 2023
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I was checking the price for the seat reservation in first class Bodo - Trondheim and it turns out it's no longer free (like it used to be) for first class holders and it costs 500 NOK, that’s about 43 euro for a seat.  Am I checking something wrong or have they introduced the most expensive seat reservation fee for first class in Europe?

2 replies

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Reclining seat is not 1st class. It's a reclining seat :) in 2nd class, according to

It's as if there currently no 1st class available, but you can indeed book 2nd class free of charge then.

SJ Nord say reclining seats are "Premium Plus”, i.e. 1st class with something extra:

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Mmm I get some weird results too (through

2nd class pass :

- 50 NOK for a seat (as usual)

- 500 NOK for a reclining seat = 1st class ? (upgrade price, totally fine)

1st class pass :

- 0 NOK for a seat (2nd class seat I guess ?)

- 500 NOK for a reclining seat too

Maybe @rvdborgt or @AnnaB know...