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  • 4 March 2024
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I have never travelled on a Eurail pass before.

When I am in the process of changing trains and following my itinerary, (e.g. I only have 20 minutes between alighting the first train and then boarding the second train), where I am changing trains at a large railway station with lots of platforms. How will I know which platform to board my second train? Will the platform number be mentioned on my itinerary? Are the platform numbers of soon departing trains mentioned on all of the platforms where people are alighting? It is very important for me to know, especially if I have a seat booking on the second or third train.

Please give me some ideas.


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There are screens at the stations : sometimes on the platforms but usually down in the underpass or in the building.

Depending on the train staff might make an announcement with connections right before arrival. There could also be screens onboard.

If you have wifi/connection you may also check the national's company app or website.

Platforms will not appear on Rail Planner which works offline and isn't continuously updated.