Problem booking seat reservations Gdansk- Budapest - ''prices unavailable''

  • 15 June 2022
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I´m trying to book a train from Gdansk to Budapest on the 29th of june, but it says “Prices unavailable”. At first I taught it might simply be sold out, but it seems that almost all the trains I try, with different cities and times, it´s the same thing. Is this a problem with the website, or are almost all the trains that need reservations booked for the summer?


Thanks for the help!


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2 replies

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you have to change at least in Warszawa. There seems to be a method to book directly seat only via PKP-intercity, but it looks complicated.

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There are currently many problems with online reservations from Poland. It seems their system crashes a lot.

Buy this reservation at a ticket office that can do international reservations. It doesn't need to be in Poland.