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  • 20 February 2022
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First of all I would like to know if there is a phone server. 

1. How can we know that the reservation has been validated? Is it when the seat reservation fee has been paid, or just when the trip has been entered in the application and in the pass?

2. When do I have to pay to reserve the seats?

3. And once paid, is it modifiable and/or cancellable?

4. I have seen that on your site for seat reservations, for some routes it is impossible to reserve (e.g. for Spain, or when there is an error message "No fare has been found for this connection. Please perform a new search or find another reservation method"). What should I do in this case?

5. Also, sometimes it says "Seat availability unknown", what does this mean?

6. How can I get two passengers to sit next to each other on the train, knowing that both passes are registered on the app on two different phones?


Thank you in advance. 


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Okay, that helped me a lot !
Thank you so much for all your answers ! 

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1. Correct, adding a journey to the application, is not the same as making a reservation. If a reservation is required you have to make a reservation. This can be done by booking through our Self Service system - like showed below or through the railway carriers directly (online, by phone, at the train station). For trains for which seat reservations are not required - you'll just have to add the journey to your Pass in the App and you are ready to board the train. 

2. You have to pay for reservations as soon as you book them. When you book the reservations is up to you. For certain (high-speed/nigh and international trains it is recommended to do it some time in advance), you can find this information on our website. For other trains you can book before you start your trip, or during your trip (by booking your reservations at the train station). 

4. Reservations are not included in the Pass, so they are at your own expense. Do note, that often seat reservations can be avoided - you can take alternative trains that do not require reservations (they often do require more time and transfers). 

I trust this answers your questions. Cheers, 

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  1. If you live close to a French ticket office, you'd better get the reservations for trains in/from France there. That way, you don't pay the 2 EUR extra fee that Interrail charge.
    For Mulhouse - Zürich, I'd avoid the TGV and take a TER to Basel instead and an IC from Basel. 27 EUR is very expensive if you know that reservation is only required for the 20 minutes until Basel.
    Zürich - München: reservation is optional and is 4 EUR via Deutsche Bahn or 3 EUR via ÖBB.
    Train to Rijeka: you didn't show which train, but I'm guessing this is the night train from München. You can book that via ÖBB using these steps, as an electronic ticket and without the 2 EUR extra fee, so starting from 14 EUR for a seat.

Thank you for your quick response! 

1. So if I understood correctly it means that when the journey is entered in the application the train is not completely reserved? 
Is this the case just for the trains where a seat reservation is required? For the others (without seat reservation), how do we know that the trip is definitely reserved? 

2. I may have misspoken, but I meant to say at what point before the trip you have to pay for the seat reservation? 

4. Okay, let's say I go through the train company, how do I make sure that the trip is not at my expense and is taken into account with the pass? 

5. would you know the difference between the different screenshots attached? 
In 2 of the cases, we have to go through another organization than the one of interrail if I understood correctly? 

Thanks again ! 

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No there is no phone service :/ If you want service you have to get in contact with a travelagency :) Several across the world are specialized for Eurail and other service but ofcourse charge a service fee.

1.) a reservation is confirmed when you paid and got your Reservations as PDF document per E-Mail or if only paper possible they will shipped to you :)
2.) When a train is reservation compulsory :) Mostly Nighttrains, Highspeed Services in France,Spain,Italy or Panoramic trains like Bernina or Glacier Express. The Railplanner of Eurail shows you if a train is reservation compulsory or not.
3.) This depends from Company to Company often they are exchangable but not cancelable :/ Means you can exchange for a new reservation before the depature of the original train.
4.) Try it directly with the Railcompany via online booking,phone or at a Ticket office (many european rails are connected :) ) worstcase a travelagency with experience :) or another Reservation service :)
5.) That Eurail doesn´t know how much seats are left :) Quite often this happens for Regionaltrains as these can´t be reserved and because of that Eurail doesn´t know how much seats are left :)
6.) You can create on the Website a Journey and add all Passes to this one :) with this you get then reservations as nearest as possible :) (Worst case you can kindly ask on a train if you could change the seats :) )