Rail travel to a wedding in Italy in May

  • 4 March 2022
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We want to travel to a family wedding in May. Leaving England on May 25th - travelling by Eurostar to hopefully Paris. I think the night in Paris and then a look around the following day would be good. We really need to be as close to the wedding venue - 25mins outside of Verona Italy on the Friday night so we can easily get to the wedding venue the following day.

We are at the wedding venue on the Saturday and Sunday night (28th and 29th) but will need to get back to England on June 1st.

So we’re looking for suggestions about 26th and 27th and then travel back. We’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest but would like interesting.

Many Thanks

PS One traveller is over 60 the other just below


2 replies

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Switzerland, Geneva,Montreux (direct train from there to Verona ;)) 
Austria, Innsbruck
Germany, Munich 
or Coast in South France Marseille,Nice 

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Site seat61.com has all the info you need/ask for, also the country-info on this site has many tips for scenic travels. Try to avoid the direct hi-pseed TGV Par-MIlano via tunnels and Torino. 

This month a Interrailpass is 10% discount, you can use one for 4 days if you also come back same method, BUT there are are quitebhigh extra suppmts for €* and the INTern, TGV to/fro FR.