Regarding reserving TGV from Lyon Part Dieu to Bruxelles

  • 20 March 2023
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Hello. I am trying to reserve a seat going from Lyon Part Dieu to Bruxelles-Midi using Eurail Pass. However, somehow, I cannot find a way to use a pass to reserve in the website. When looked into the reservation site on Eurail, the site only appeared as “seat reservation required” not as ‘Prices Unavailable” error. Is there any way I can use the pass for the reservation? Thank you

4 replies

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What is your travel date and departure time?

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Other ways of getting your reservation exist, you can read it here (scroll below for Brussels-France options):


Trying to travel in 26th of June at 11am

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These should be available on the Interrail booking service, but nothing appears to be showing for the route - even if I change the dates to something sooner.

I think you can do it at a station, or by phone. Details in the link @BrendanDB posted above.

Edit: The route does show on some dates, eg 4th April. So the possibility is certainly there! If you don’t have any luck on the phone to DB, you can keep checking and see if availability appears.