Reservation e-ticket has not arrived

  • 7 March 2022
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Hey there,

I already have contacted the customer support, but in the email they said that they would get back within 2 days :/

Here is the problem: I have booked two reservations for my trip that is tomorrow, hence the urgency of the problem. The payment worked well and I received an E-mail with the payment confirmation but NO E-Ticket.…

I really don't know what to do as I have to depart tomorrow...


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2 replies

Have you already checked your Interrail account? Most of the time you can also download your e-ticket there. If that is not possible there must have been a technical error and customer service will probably send you your ticket as soon as they get your email

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Within 2 days does not mean it will take 2 days (= "innerhalb von 2 Tagen”). Requests are prioritised for urgency. You did the right thing to contact customer service.

For which exact train is this (origin, destination, departure time)?