Reservations and deactivating the pass

  • 6 April 2024
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Will my seat reservation be still valid if I deactivate the pass after purchasing it, and then activate the pass again? I will be getting a new ID soon and thus I will need to deactivate my pass to update it. However, I want to make seat reservations as soon as possible as they might be sold out after I have got a new ID, and that’s something I’d like to avoid. Can I purchase the seat reservations before I deactivate the pass, or should I wait until I get the new document and buy them only after my pass has been activated “for good”? 

Note: I got my ticket from DiscoverEU, so I had to activate it before the end of March. They told me it’s completely fine to deactivate it to update my ID afterwards, but I have no idea what happens to my seat reservations then. 


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You say you had to activate it before the end of March. Is your start date still in the future then? You can only cancel activation when the validity has not started yet.

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You don't need to activate the pass to book reservations. They're a totally different thing.

You only need to show both onboard.