Reserve a private coupe on the nighttrain (Snälltåget) from Sweden to Berlin. Additional costs involved?

So basically, with an interrail pass, can you reserve a private coupe for the night train from Sweden to Berlin? Will there be additional costs to that?


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Yes you can book all accommodation types on Snalltaget, use their website

There are charges for this however they do offer discounts for passholders.

Approx €230 for private cabin, would be €370 without pass.

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Snälltåget has only seats and couchettes for 6-persons, so you if you want to have such a compartment on your own you will have to pay a lot more. A place in a couchette costs 399 or 499 SEK depending on what day you travel. An own couchette-compartment costs 2449 SEK.