Reserved seats through Eurail but Journey Changed

  • 10 March 2023
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Hi! I reserved seats for a train ride from Barcelona Sants to Lyon Part Dieu for March 31. I booked the seat reservation through eurail, and also received the seat reservation confirmation already. However, upon checking in the app - seems like the journey changed. My original seat reservation was for BARCELONA SANTS to MONTPELLIER SAINT-ROCH, then MONTPELLIER SAINT-ROCH to LYON PART DIEU. The journey now for the exact same time departure time from Barcelona became BARCELONA SANTS To NARBONNE, then NARBONNE to LYON PART DIEU.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this? What happens to my paid seat reservation? Will it still be valid for the updated journey? 

Appreciate any feedback for anyone who experienced a similar issue. Thank you! 



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You should still use the itinerary listed on your seat reservation, as these are trains with compulsory reservation. Simply introduce both trains separately in the app: from Barcelona to Montpellier St Roch and from Montpellier to Lyon.

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It hasn't changed. The trains run in parallel for quite a distance and the planners make different decisions about where to change.