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  • 28 April 2022
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We were planning to travel around Poland soon but somehow it seems impossible to make seat reservations in advance. The Interrail app says its not possible on every connection we planned (for example EC 59 Frankfurt(Oder)-Gdansk Glowny dep. 1345 on may 10), the PKP-website only lets us book reservations including the full fare and also DB cant make reservations online.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how we should do this? And if we would book reservations on the train station before departure, aren't we way to late to be guaranteed a seat?



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Again someone who discovered what is so clearly written in the country info. You do not have to wait til that day on that station-pop into any german station with a ´Reisecenter´ and have it done-there are sllightly higher prices for going over the border. OR-this will lengthen the trip, if you cannot stand the uncertainty-plan with local trains over border till Rzepin or go via Kosztrzyn (Bus replacement over the bridge=river=border). Note that In PL all longer distance trains from PKP (named IC or TLK) also have mandatory REServ-this is free when done at a PL station. Also note that in some areas the pass is NOT accepted on some local railways, like this Mazowieckie. The S-bahn trains Gdansk-Gdynia are run as SKM and from PR and included, but do not waste passdays for short trips.

Just by chance tomorrow I fly to PL-but even now that I have a pass, will not use it as its Koleje Mazowieckie to take.