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  • 16 August 2021
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Hello all,


I am trying to book a seat reservation for the train connection Munich - Verona tomorrow morning 07:36am. The system says there are plenty seats available, but when I proceed, it is said that the connection is not available anymore. I am also wondering that the reservation costs 0Euro (+2Euro Fee).

I really need to take this train tomorrow and appreciate any help!


Kind regards,



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Hey Anne,

seems that all seats on this train are reserved. Only 1st class would be still some space available.
You can travel on the train without a reservation and try to find some seat (someone who reserved but didn’t come) or just sit somewhere on the floor. 
You will still have to pay a supplement of 10 euro with your Interrail pass. This can be done on the train when the conductor checks the ticket.

Safe travels

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Hey Anne,

yeah, seems that train is also sold out (although on it shows availability), but when I try to book a standard ticket (2nd class) on, this appears (suppose you understand it in German ;-)):

Brig is the first stop in Switzerland. This train you CAN’T use without a reservation. You might face a fine from Italian stuff… (only after Brig/Domodossola it is alright to use it without a reservation).

What you can do alternatively? Take a regional train from Milano to Domodossola (or to Lugano). From Domodossola you can take a regional train across the border to Brig and from there continue your trip with InterCity/EuroCity trains.
Alternatively, if you are from Stuttgart (what your name suggests?), then I’d suggest you to Lugano variant… Take the Regional express from Milano to Lugano. Then an Intercity to Zürich and from there another one to Stuttgart. No reservation needed and also nice scenery on Swiss part of the railway line.

Hope that works out for you!


Dear Martin,

thank you for your answer, this sounds good! Does it apply to the connection from Milano (11.20am) to Frankfurt/Main (19.01pm) on 22/08/2021 as well? I have the same problem here…


Thanks a lot,


Hey Martin,

great input, especially from where to where I need a reservation, thank you so much! Yes I am from Stuttgart, but originally from Frankfurt, and would like to visit my family there. So I found another route:



RE 25518




0h 4m Change trains



IC 680




0h 5m Change trains



ICE 376




I just pray, that I can catch the IC in Lugano then. Otherwise there will be another connection and I will be in Frankfurt at 22:40Uhr… Hopefully!


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Hey Anne,

don’t worry too much. The RE from Milano to Lugano is mostly very reliable. It has also a long layover of 26 minutes in Milano (arrival from Switzerland at 12.17. leaving 12.43). Swiss custom controls in Chiasso are usually also efficient, so if you are not really unlucky, then you will be on the IC680 for sure :)

I have done this change in Lugano many times especially in south direction (there are also only 4mins) and a few times in the north direction and it always worked out - but of course there is no 100% guarantee.

Enjoy your trip 😉

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And what just came to my mind: if you don’t mind leaving Milano early and wanna have a scenic trip: take the route via Tirano and Chur. If the weather is nice this will be the absolute highlight and definitely worth it (+ no reservations needed).

You should leave from Milano at 7.20 or latest 8.20 in that case.

the railway line is even UNESCO world heritage 😉