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  • 23 July 2021
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Hi guyys, 

I would like to take this train for my next trip but on the site it is written "train is fully booked" and "passengers who have not het purchased a ticket should choose a different connection". What does that mean ?? I have to take another train ? I can't take this train if I dont have a reservation or I can go in the train and stand up but I wont have a seat ? 

I have a second question : Germany has been affecte by the floods. Are the trains affected by this also ? Which train are affected ? Is Theresa a ensuite where we can see trains affected and trains non affected ?

Thanks for your help !



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3 replies

thank you !!

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Well… normally fully booked would indeed be 100%. But currently DB says a train is fully booked when 50% of the seats are occupied.

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@Julie Leroy  you still can go with this train but this train will be really full and you may have to stand or worst case if the train is to full they will exclude passengers from this train and advise them on the next one :/

Yes the train is affected by the flood but the German Railplanner already have updated timetables :) many affected trains already have new timetables :) and you bord this train after the flood region

Affected Routes are Cologne - Bonn - Koblenz
Cologne - Gerolstein - Trier
Cologne - Wuppertal - Hagen - Hamm.

Here a less crowded Route with a change in Mannheim (trains are standing opposite of each other :) )